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Our Classes

Flow Yin with Helen
Wednesday 6-7pm

For the new, returning or student who is seeking clarity on their mats and prepared to gently open up their bodies and hold “shapes” to realign body, breath and mind.

Gain strength in all the right places, with the aid of a 4o” bar we will target thighs, core, back, and gluteus, we’ll strengthen and stretch these targeted areas with repetitions at the bar and on our yoga mats.  Prepare to shift your attitude to self and come prepared to be challenged.

Monday 6-7pm
BAR Yoga with Helen
Yoga Mix with Mitchell
Sunday 4-5:15pm

Exactly what you may think: this class is for every body and EVERYBODY and we will MIX it up every week, these classes will offer a range of levels to meet the needs of all students who show up to any given class, however, some prior yoga experience may be helpful.

Yoga Mix with Helen
Monday 9-10am
Tuesday 6-7pm
Thursday 8:30-9:45am
sLOW * fLOW * gLOW  with Helen
Thursday 4:30-5:30pm

Move slowly, mindfully and with clarity: this class is for every body and EVERYBODY.

Friday 10-11am
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