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200hr Yoga Teacher Training

Do you love yoga? Have you ever thought about becoming a yoga teacher?


You do not need to become a teacher to apply to our program but if you do choose to become a teacher and pass this course, you will be eligible to apply for your 200 hour teacher certification through the certified Yoga Alliance.


Our Teacher Training program will be offered by several guest/key presenters in the field of yoga. Each guest instructor has been carefully chosen to provide you with the best possible current information in the field of yoga today to give you a vast knowledge of yoga. These teachers will present anatomy, physiology, nutrition, adjustments, therapeutics, philosophy, history, sutras, sanskrit, various teaching methodologies, and more.


This 9 weekend course is a life altering, tremendously transformative time. Yoga is centuries old and continues to evolve at a rapid pace. We believe that for you to find your most authentic voice, you are best served by learning from a variety of backgrounds and voices. We appreciate your consideration of the b YOGA 200 hr TT program and look forward to reviewing your application for enrollment in this incredible program. 

Cost: $2350
Early bird discount: $2050

Other requirements: Come with an open mind. A choice selection of books to read, journaling, establishing a home practice, paper assignments, a silent weekend, fall cleanse, quizzes, tests and a final exam, class and peer reviews, written observations, adjustments, partnering, a final private consultation and more.

Questions:  or call: 434-944-1150
Sample outline:

Weekend 1: Practice and all is coming

Weekend 2: Your Body is the Vessel

Weekend 3 Flow, Adjust, Align

Weekend 4: The AMAZING human body

Weekend 5: Rest, Digest, Dig In Ayurveda * Ashtanga

Weekend 6: Seeking Self, History * Texts * Lineage

Weekend 7: Art of Teaching

Weekend 8: Building Community

Weekend 9: Use YOUR voice, b YOU 


MOST weekends:

Friday: 6:30 - 9

Saturday: 10 - 5

Sunday: 10 - 3


Request your application TODAY!

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